We should be proud about IRCTC....

It is so against reservations...



Nobel Committee is under fix now.

What will they award Obama this time around?


Atleast Americans made sure that Obama will not become President again, atleast after this 4 years. 

Here people get posts again and again. Generally, President is by selection and not by election. This time around, even Prime Minister was by selection, and not election.


After hearing about Surface from me for about five minutes, my mother-in-law declared that Ariel is way too better.

Hey Microsoft, you have put more effort in marketing. Atleast a little more than Surf Excel.


The Gourava supremo Mr. Dhirudhirashtra wouldn't have faced password problem. He had 100 kids names to select from.

Though blind, he seems to be a real visionary.


One of the kids in my family believes that 'passbook' is where you keep all your passwords written on hard.


Many generally use their ex names as their password. I even ran out of it.

Hey computer, if you want new password from me, arrange me new online girlfriends (via FB, Twitter, etc.), so that i can use their names as password


At this password change rate, forget others knowing my password, even I don't know my password after few days.


My password should contain what I could remember. Min 8 character, atleast one number, one special character, one capital letter, one small letter, one girlfriend's name, etc. makes it real complicated


Selecting password seems a more laborious job than selecting an id


If being asked to change the password every month is a cruelty, conditions that it should not match with last five passwords is sheer atrocity.


A great news.

Now 'Share' button is enabled for Facebook in mobile.

Now we can share photos via mobile, to enable someone getting money from Facebook for their medical treatment.


Don't talk 'peter' English at home.

Yesterday during lunch, wifey was talking and talking. Observing my expressionless expression, she asked, "You wantsomething?"

I said, waving hands dramatically, "I need a little peace"

Wifey silently kept just one little chicken piece, and took away all other chicken pieces from my plate.


Ultimately they did it.

They changed the location of my meeting and forgot (purposefully?) to tell me where.

I called them. Two did not pick up their phone. Other picked, whispered, "I'm in a meeting. Will call back" and cut the phone.

Come on ppl. Its my meeting. I have convened it. Let me in.



SMS conversation

I: Coming to your place.

Sunil: Don't come. I have come to meet a lady in finance section. Btw, she is OOO.

I: Is it? Continue talking to her. Tell location. I'll be there in 2 minutes. 

Sunil: Idiot. Stay at your place. By OOO, I meant 'Out Of Office'


October 31 - Wednesday

Avoid auto and taxi tomorrow, as a protest against their tariff hike.

Try ride sharing site www.zinghopper.com  instead.

Spread the news.


"Today is sunday" Share this with 15 friends on facebook wall. Within 7 days you'll get another sunday. It really works. One of ma friend ignored dis msg & he got a monday within 24 hrs.. Believe me it works ....


A sales girl called at our door.

As I opened, she asked, "Can you please call some elders in the home?" And started to speak to my wifey who just came out.

Now, how could this be MY fault?!!!


Try this QR 



I had called an agent for taking term insurance on my name. 

After ten minutes, maybe observing ground reality in our home closely, the agent turned to my wifey and said in a serious tone, "Madam, you actually need huge insurance cover. Not your husband"


There is one more thing I envy about the cartoon characters...

They seem happy and content with a single set of dress throughout their entire life...

Ref: Kungfu Panda, Shrek, etc.



The telecom man of India was at RIL...



My senior Bugs is on Vijay tv now...



அட்டு ஃபிகர் படத்தை போட்டு, 'படத்தில் இருப்பவர் மாடலே' என்று பொய் சத்தியம் செய்யும் விகடன் போன்ற பத்திரிக்கைகளை வன்மையாக கண்டிக்கின்றேன்


Went to McDonald for lunch.

A 10 year old kid was ahead of me in queue, wearing cooling glasses.

I told her, "In our time, we didn't flaunt with goggles".

With a smile she said, "Arre uncle... Global warming was not at it's peak then. Now you need goggles".

Sigh. Kids these days know to merge fashion with environment.


Don't pull me into madness...

Just invite...


Review from Ram Balaji



There are two types of auto drivers...

One, who pick up the phone while driving and start talking loudly...

Other, who let their precarious loud ringtoneto continue...

By far, as I know, the second category is more dangerous...


While deciding on which door to enter, my head sways as if I'm watching a tennis match from first row...



You forget your mobile at home for a single day; almost everyone of the in-laws who has a phone connection gets a call from your mobile.


Love to shift my vision from 350 to 500... But, 350 itself is still lovable and am eager to have 350...

Royal Enfield launches Thunderbird 500 



Your ancestors called it magic...

...but you call it science.

I come from a land where they are one and the same.

-Thor, an Avenger



Taking cue from Bollywood, if you search for the persons with names Urmila, Anushka, Priyanka, Sonakshi, Sharukh, Salman, Ranbir, etc. within your organization, believe me, you are in for a rude cultural shock.



Zoo of black holes

Travelling 11 billion years 

Dr. Manda Banerji



Kids are better negotiators...

They bargain happiness for just a chocolate, or balloon, or a doll...

We adults can't even settle for a gadget, or vehicle, or holiday package...


Until I get dual mouth and dual brain, sorry, I can't understand the concept of dual sim mobiles.


What is the procedure to change a surname from Matondkar to Nilagiri?



One of my male colleague has sent me a message.

"Hi Karthik,

I've trying to get in touch with you via your desk number, but was not able to. So mailing you.

How and where can I touch you?"

Eeeeek. I demand Z category protection from this guy.


Know thyself; and do tell all.




We everybody get a girl in our neighbourhood, like that of Spiderman's

Mageina Tovah.jpg


Being pushed from a local;

Rushing towards the next connecting local;

Chanting with everybody - "poode chalo";

Squeeze through the sea of travellers;

Standing in your allowed 1/2 sq. feet;

It takes time for you to realize


You are on the right train...


Why do people hate Justin Bieber?

Just because she declared her gender as male?


Some women declare their age,if at all, like in a cheque - "37 only" or "44 only", etc.



After through and detailed investigation, dentist diagnosed that cleaning is the first thing needed in my mouth. Tomorrow 8:15 pm appointment.

At this juncture, I salute all those who were talking to me face to face. Also, better you check your respective nose.


My expectations about the dentist shattered when I realised that there was no lady nurse.


At the dentist. I will declare to the doctor upfront: "I'm the sole breadwinner of the family. So please handle with care."


My review on the Shiva Trilogy



Leave Hamam soap with it's cover in a bucket filled with water for three days... it will dissolve from inside...

however, don't try this stunt if you are not a bachelor... the domestic repercussions are extremely impactive...


Watching a couple on the cover page of the tamil book I was reading, a local co-passenger asked,

"What's the book?"

I, "Its Sigmund Freud"

C-P, "..."

I,"about psychology"

C-P, "???!!!!"

I, "its about sexual psychology"

C-P, "oh i see... is it available in English?"

I, "(##%%#@% in mind) yes... M. Karunanidhi has translated this book in English. Try at CST Wheeler or www.flipkart.com"

He looked satisfied and seemed determined to buy this book.


??? Facebook allows me to #Promote my important posts... what is this? Is it worth the 0.30USD? Will it be available in INR?

PS: If I indeed promote my posts, what's the probability that I'd be booked for public nuisance?