Before paper is replenished in the printer, I think they are going to upgrade the application software in it.



Curiosity kills the printer. 



As of now, the printer room in our floor is a better social gathering spot than even the pantry or the washroom.



We got one new huge Canon printer installed in our floor and 27 self styled experts lurking around it.

Folks, please stop explaining me it's features and allow me to take a print.


I object my lawyer, your Honour!



Frodo digitalized...

8 Hobbits = 1 Hobbyte



Never felt more luckier. 

After a week of 'without' travel, sincerely because I forgot the deadline, I got quarterly train pass today morning; and the ticket checker came in just as I boarded the train.


OMG I did it again. Took the wrong lunch box to office - the filled one.


Someone removed my 6:00 AM morning alarm. Its ok. To err is human. 

But they added a 4:38 AM alarm. This is alarmingly inhuman.


Article 66 promotes fake IDs


Don't blame them for not selecting what is best for the country; blame yourself for not selecting what is best for your country.


I was told by leaders and elders that voting is my duty as a citizen of the country and abstaining is bad. I was guilty as I missed voting in election. Now I am not.


Somethings dead yesterday evening; let's scavenge it when market opens today morning


அலாரம் அடிச்சு எழுந்தவனைவிட, அதை அணைத்து தொலைக்கச் சொல்லி ரூம்மேட் அடிச்சு எழுந்தவனுங்கதான் அதிகம்...

#பேச்சுலர் பாய்ஸ்



A call came from unknown landline today early morning by 06:45.

Entire conversation went in Hindi.

A girl in a hushy voice asked, "Can you pick me up today at Shanti Bhojan?" I still in sleep, asked, "What?" She said, "I'm sorry for yesterday. Please forgive me." I, still perplexed, "Listen. I don't even know who you are." Silent sobbing started from other end and she cut the line saying, "Fine. But I won't forget you till I die."

I was full awake by now and realised that I just killed a cute little puppy love.

I called back to set things right. Some other lady took. Before I finished my "Hello", she started, "Look here. Stop troubling my baby. If her father knows, he'll kill both of you." I was pretty irritated by now, "Listen, listen. I didn't call your daughter. She called me. Okay?" Now she started to sob, "What does she know? She is just a little girl. You go away from her. I don't want my husband going to jail on your account." And slammed the phone down.

Hell with these clowns. I didn't call back, not fearing that her father would kill, but that he too would start sobbing.

Finally, a word for the unknown guy, as a man to a man - Dude. Run away from this girl. You don't know what trouble you are getting into.



Yes! After my mummy-in-law came to my home a couple of weeks ago, for a short stay, they installed CCTV in my society. So what?


Forgetting lunch at office is one thing; forgetting lunch box at office is terror.


தாக்குரே தாத்தா நெலமை கடைஸீல 'எம்டன் மகன்' தாத்தா மாதிரி ஆகிப்போச்சே...


Went to a friend's place. He said, pointing to his wife, "She is my issue". I laughed loud and said, "Ha ha ha... Wives are always an issue for a guy". His wife starred at me and said, "My name is Ishitaa. He calls me Ishu". Blink!!!



சூர்யாவுக்கு ஒரு cycle வாங்கினோம்... லூஸா இருந்த handle barஐ tight செய்ததை பார்த்த மாமியார் சொன்னார், "பரவால்ல. மாப்ள பெரிய என்ஜினியரா வருவாப்ல"

#ஹல்லோ ஹல்லோ... நாங்க already 15 வருஷமா என்ஜினியர் தான்...



Went to look Scooty Pep plus for Sasi...

When the executive was explaining the features i just was going Hmm, Um hmmm, is it, etc.

Then just one question (by mistake), "what is the price difference between petrol and diesel version?"

That ended sales transaction. I hope he will not sell me his bike even if i show my degree certificate. 

Thank God. I didn't ask the price difference between AC and non-AC model.


the so called telecom control has stopped me from sending sms from my mobile... i was just able to send for people upto K on my mobile... my mobile now blocks me from sending bulk sms... so wishing you here "HAPPY DIWALI"... i request all to come to my FB timeline and take this wish...


the idea of 'panoramic camera' would have been from that uncle, who wanted to take photo of aunty in a single snap...


Toyota aims for talking cars -News

#Now you wont miss your wife/girlfriend when you drive alone


Wish you all a happy holi...

#PriyankaChopra #Nokia



Tonsure is the only style you get the way you explain it to the barber. All other requests are executed by the way he interprets it.



Mike Men




இத எந்த கேட்டகிரில சேக்குறதுன்னு தெர்ல...




I'm OK about Likes and Shares. But, please, have a little concern while you comment.


Share photo was taken on my only foreign trip, which was before marriage. 

Like photo was taken during my marriage, reception to be precise.

Comment photo was taken after marriage, probably at any given time at home.



There have been a lot of Like-Share-Comment photos on Facebook, primarily with Ajith-Soorya-Vijay in various orders. 

Let me try some from my end.

No intention to hurt anyone, and its just fun.


Obama bhau manoos?!!



"மாமியாரே, தீபாவளிக்கு டிவியில் என்ன போடுறான்?"

"வேறென்ன... விளம்பரம் தான்"

#என்ன ஒரு நிதர்சனமான உண்மை


I'm am not pretty sure about The Matrix.

But I do know about The FaceBook.


We should be proud about IRCTC....

It is so against reservations...



Nobel Committee is under fix now.

What will they award Obama this time around?


Atleast Americans made sure that Obama will not become President again, atleast after this 4 years. 

Here people get posts again and again. Generally, President is by selection and not by election. This time around, even Prime Minister was by selection, and not election.


After hearing about Surface from me for about five minutes, my mother-in-law declared that Ariel is way too better.

Hey Microsoft, you have put more effort in marketing. Atleast a little more than Surf Excel.


The Gourava supremo Mr. Dhirudhirashtra wouldn't have faced password problem. He had 100 kids names to select from.

Though blind, he seems to be a real visionary.


One of the kids in my family believes that 'passbook' is where you keep all your passwords written on hard.


Many generally use their ex names as their password. I even ran out of it.

Hey computer, if you want new password from me, arrange me new online girlfriends (via FB, Twitter, etc.), so that i can use their names as password


At this password change rate, forget others knowing my password, even I don't know my password after few days.


My password should contain what I could remember. Min 8 character, atleast one number, one special character, one capital letter, one small letter, one girlfriend's name, etc. makes it real complicated


Selecting password seems a more laborious job than selecting an id


If being asked to change the password every month is a cruelty, conditions that it should not match with last five passwords is sheer atrocity.


A great news.

Now 'Share' button is enabled for Facebook in mobile.

Now we can share photos via mobile, to enable someone getting money from Facebook for their medical treatment.


Don't talk 'peter' English at home.

Yesterday during lunch, wifey was talking and talking. Observing my expressionless expression, she asked, "You wantsomething?"

I said, waving hands dramatically, "I need a little peace"

Wifey silently kept just one little chicken piece, and took away all other chicken pieces from my plate.


Ultimately they did it.

They changed the location of my meeting and forgot (purposefully?) to tell me where.

I called them. Two did not pick up their phone. Other picked, whispered, "I'm in a meeting. Will call back" and cut the phone.

Come on ppl. Its my meeting. I have convened it. Let me in.



SMS conversation

I: Coming to your place.

Sunil: Don't come. I have come to meet a lady in finance section. Btw, she is OOO.

I: Is it? Continue talking to her. Tell location. I'll be there in 2 minutes. 

Sunil: Idiot. Stay at your place. By OOO, I meant 'Out Of Office'


October 31 - Wednesday

Avoid auto and taxi tomorrow, as a protest against their tariff hike.

Try ride sharing site www.zinghopper.com  instead.

Spread the news.


"Today is sunday" Share this with 15 friends on facebook wall. Within 7 days you'll get another sunday. It really works. One of ma friend ignored dis msg & he got a monday within 24 hrs.. Believe me it works ....