To play it safe is not to play. -Robert Altman


To play it safe is not to play. -Robert Altman


Soorya - Chair Jump http://nvkarthik.blogspot.com 


reading 'kandupidithathu eppadi? (volume 2)' [how it was invented?]... A book on inventions in tamil...


MPRE-X: Second Anniversary http://nvkarthik.blogspot.com


i used to wonder at men saying 'i love my wife', until i read a quote by Oscar Wilde: "All men kill the thing they love"


reading a book 'kandupidithadu eppadi? Part 1' (how it was invented?) by K. N. Srinivas...


if 'pro' is the opposite for 'con' well, let 'progress' be opposite to 'congress'... but then, what about 'prostitution' and 'constitution'... i'm further confused with the english...


reading a tamil book 'vinveliyil oru payanam (a journey into space)' by kamalanathan... a book on space shuttles, missions, life, food & others in space shuttle, etc...


got a copy of AVATAR script in pdf format from internet... reading it...


"DO NOT WATCH MY MOBILE, YOU IDIOTS" two guys sitting next to me in local are watching me accessing my facebook... So i typed above message... Now they turned away....


my facebook is relatively silent ... maybe due to the appraisal season...


was watching movie 'anbe sivam'... I can watch it N number of times... (where 'N' is a positive integer)


Cruising across touch screen is nice.


I got a new phone "samsung corby" for sasi... i am using it for today to know more of it's features... i like it... but typing on touch screen is really challenging...


reading 'peculiar space journey' by Swami Prabhupadha... (in tamil 'vinodha vinwelipayanangal)


Dear... We planned to meet at zoo... Until you came; parrots & peacocks were makinge fun of monkeys... Once you came and they saw you; monkeys are making fun of parrots & peacocks... Courtesy: Ananda Vikatan


ultimate star Ajit's film is going to bounce back from box office... Reason: That 'totta taainng' song... (tune too was similar to the old Mithunda's song 'hawa hawa...')


completed german exam... Feeling relaxed...


reading a simple book 'the miracle engineer' written by a college student Sachin Thobde... his day-to-day miraculous experiences with God...


somebody educate the hoteliers in mumbai that dosa can't be eaten with fork and spoon... please tell them that no south indian eats dosa with fork and spoon...


reading the book 'millions in a jiffy' written by my ex boss Dr. Chandan S Gokhale... 12 selected incidents of how indian businessmen made a killing profit navigating through govt policies and license raj regime... each incident spanning not more than 5 to 6 pages...


lankan poll result... justice established(???!!!!!)


what drives the war? ideology... i am not sure... but certainly 'economy'...


i lost 32 kg in last 3 months... it includes a baggage at airport and a suitcase in mumbai local...


watching 'The Fifth Element'... Yet another time...


strolled with a security officer at TIFR... Nice warm worded gentleman... Working for 25 years in the same institute... He was happy to share a lot of life in the 20 min stroll... Poor guy, as a security officer he would have been strolling on guard for past 25 years now...


attended a lecture at TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), colaba, mumbai... By Prof Robert Grubbs, Chemistry Nobel Laurette, 2005... The LEAP lecture was on polymerisation catalysts...


if your salt jar is found empty, just go out and buy a pack or atleast borrow from your neighbour... Believe me, similar looking 'glucose' can never substitute salt, especially in omelette... Yaaaks... (i tried for an innovation; it turned out a pity tragedy...)


started reading a book by Karan Bajaj - 'Keep off the grass'


boss of my colleague was inquiring him of a "original scanned xerox copy"... i'm wondering what it could be? (or they are just mis-abusing the, already battered, butler english...)


today a monkey entered our office... went into one of the cabin in second floor... people were amused by its presence... few even took snaps of it and offered biscuits, chips and water... (hmmm... i enter our office everyday, but nobody even bothers to notice... what a cruel world??!!! a monkey seems more amusing than a man...)


sasi and soorya have started to chennai.... Feeling lonely...


The Burj Khalifa was inagurated in a grand way; but surprisingly without 2 incidents: 1.) tamil thirai ulagin pramaaaanda kalai nigalchi, headed by thamizhan 'captain' vijaykanth, and 2.) namma 'kalaingyar' awarding himself 'Tharaniyin ulagalaaviya thamizan' virudhu Hope the above two happen soon and make the inagural event complete in all respects... Vaalga tamil; valarga dubai and ottaga paal...


appaadi... 'thangam' mega serial'le ramya krishnan'ukkum collector'ukkum oru vazhiya kalyanam aayidichu... aandavanukku nandri...


chennai weather dept. have actually forecast 27 of the 8 rainfalls of 2009...


People celebrate 'birthday'; In India we celebrate 'Happy Birthday' - saravana prabhu


Ravi Mohan, recently appointed Executive Director of Reliance, expired due to cardiac arrest... He was said to be a part of RIL's Lyondell Basell acquisition proposal team...


when u r depressed and everybody seems to be happy, its can even be acceptable on rare cases... On the contrary if u see someone happy and get depressed, better consult a psychiatrist...


kids are sleeping in my bed... I'm thrown out mercilessly in my reading room... Sleeping on floor... Its sooo cold, even when fans are switched off...


mosquitoes are loitering here... its no problem if they just hang around... Some dare to poke me... Some even sing continuously in my ear... Even in this darkness... (i suspect they wear night vision goggles)


Floracent green... Bloody red... Sugarcandy rose... Burning yellow... Everything today, is a Fashion... The credit goes to Ramarajan... (translated from 'ananda vikatan')


german class over... Travelled from cst to dadar in fast train... from dadar to kalamboli travelling in AC bus... From kalamboli to panvel will travel in share auto... I enjoy this ride today...


happy christmas...


during school we used to enact the birth of Christ during the Christmas (i was one of the 3 kings during a year...) it used to be nice as kids...


got nokia e 71 mobile today. Accessing web via mobile after very long time. Also got a book shelf today


மக்களே... வேட்டைக்காரன் எப்பூடி..?



a sms that I got recently 'Dr. Vijay: Naan adicha thaanga maatte; Naalu maasam thoonga maatte...' 'Namma Kounder: Dei tiffin bax thlaya; nee adicha kooda parava illa da; nee nadicha thaan da thaanga mudiyala...'


watching the movie 'leon' in UTV world movies


got to sleep...